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IMG_9185LandLAB_ are a design-led team who work together to achieve sustainable, innovative and creative outcomes across a range of landscape, urbanism and place making projects.

As our name suggests our philosophy integrates a site specific approach (‘Land’) with a creative and rigorous design process (‘LAB’).

Our work reflects our interogation of the multiple inter-relationships between the ecologies and systems of ‘landscape’, ‘urbanism’ and ‘place’. Projects are developed through the discussion of theory, research, design investigation and technical expertise.

We combine local context and sensitivity with an international outlook. We believe in design-led process, guide projects with design leadership and we collaborate with our clients, technical consultants, the creative disciplines and our peers. We encourage innovation, sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Our recent experience includes place based urban strategies for city centre precincts and urban campuses and the design and implementation of city, waterfront and rivers edge streets and open spaces.  We work on urban design and public realm projects in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.

We believe that good design is good business… and good fun.

LandLAB_ Facts & Data

Founded: October 2013

Team: Henry Crothers, Sam Gould, Scott Greenhalgh, Monique Hawkins, Ethan Reid, Jamie Stronge, Zac Thorp

Studio space: 127 sq.m

IT Power: 27.5 GHZ

Espresso: Allpress

Cycle: Schindelhauer Viktor

Drinks: Hallertau Luxe

Plays: 5 aside football (‘Field Operations’)

_MG_057192b45523b16406cb94670e37d5f2df55The first phase of the Daldy Street Linear Park project has just opened down at Waterfront Auckland signaling the commencement of the second phase of development associated with the ‘park axis’ and the Wynyard Central precinct.

When complete it will connect Victoria Park through to Jellicoe Street via a brownfields site previously occupied by the petro-chemical industry. The project re-establishes north-south pedestrain and cycling priority as well as incorporating low impact design strategies, walking and cycling priority, new public transport access (buses and trams) as well as sitewide enabling infrastructure.

The design language draws on the sites post-industrial and coastal character. It integrates elements of the sites marine archaeology and establishes a native and ecological planting aesthetic which supports a low impact design strategy, local amenity and ecological diversity.

The project recieved NZILA excellence awards for both ‘urban design’ and ‘sustainability’ in 2013.

LandLAB_ have been engaged by Watefront Auckland and Auckland Transport to deliver the second stage of the project between Pakenham and Fanshawe Streets. This is due for completion in 2017.

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1960 aerial croppedLandLAB are developing a public realm and urban strategy for the ‘Warehouse District’ a cluster of historically significant warehouses located around St Georges Bay Rd, Parnell.

Pages from Woolstore District - Concept 041214 - Textile Centre - Reduced-5

Pages from Woolstore District - Concept 041214 - Textile Centre - Reduced-2




LANDSCAPE CONTEXT_Page_1LandLAB are excited to be working with the Gisborne District Council to redevelop their Inner Harbour waterfront project.

DALDY STREET-WEB-1943LandLAB have been selected in Phaidon’s 30:30 Contemporary Landscape Architecture. This forthcoming publication will include “30 of today’s most forward-thinking landscape architects and 30 of the world’s most celebrated landscape architects.” (Phaidon, November 2014)

NZILA Karanga 05

The book will include features on the Karanga Plaza, Daldy Street Linear Park and Wynyard Commons projects. We’re in pretty good company as the book will include profiles on LandLAB favourites such as Aspect Studios, Topotek 1, Field Operations, and StossLU.

Pages from 1. UD Drawings - Wynyard Commons (compressed)-2

Promenade-Mar15-6351 emailThe first phase of the Westhaven Promenade has opened providing improved public access through the working marina and the waters edge.  The project weaves together walking and cycling priority with new marina and public infrastructure and enhancement of the coastal zone.

Promenade-Mar15-5823 emailSt Mary’s Bay provides enhanced access to the water space for bathing and water based recreation.

Promenade-Mar15-web-6298 emailSculptural elements reference site specific cultural and historical narratives and a unique interface between the promenade and foreshore.

Promenade-Mar15-5688 email

Client: Waterfront Auckland (Alan Gray, Daniel Khong)

Project Team: LandLAB, Architectus, ASPECT Studios, E3BW, JAWA, Rewi Thompson and Ngati whatua (Hana Maihi)

Also, heres a very cool shot from the very good timelapseakl

IMG_8695IMG_8626LandLAB have designed a series of tank elements within the Daldy Street Linear Park which reference the sites unique marine and industrial heritage. The tank interventions provide a programmed series of play and social opportunities within the overall park framework.

The tanks incorporates recycled and repurposed elements including bulk liquid storage tanks, steel and hardwood wharf timbers. The slide tank features a reference to the Matariki lunar calendar developed in collaboration with Ngati whatua. This narrative references the historical association of Wynyard Quarter as a place for the gathering of resources and kiamoana from the Waitemata Harbour.


Pages from 1. UD Drawings - Wynyard Commons (compressed)

LandLAB_ are currently completed documentation for Wynyard Commons – a new park at the heart of the Wynyard Quarter.  The park is organised by a unifying urban surface, a dense framework of trees and a sophisticated park topography which is articulated to form spaces for movement, occupation, recreation and a wilderness garden celebrating seasonal colour and change.

Pages from 1. UD Drawings - Wynyard Commons (compressed)-2


WLA18-Wynyard Commons-LandLAB_Page_1 WLA18-Wynyard Commons-LandLAB_Page_2

The project is scheduled for completion in 2016/17.

LandLAB_ are collaborating with OPUS and Boffa Miskell to provide design leadership for the Avon River project in Christchurch.

This $100m+ public realm project will deliver transformational change to Christchurch’s city centre by re-imagining the ‘river’ and ‘city’ relationship as a new shared space promenade. This new edge condition will weave togther the ecologies of the river, recreation and commerce to provide a catalyst for the cities recovery.

LandLAB_ are leading the design for the Terraces and promenade which will transform Oxford Terrace strip into a new waterfront destination.

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